People are often concerned about having a massage when they have, or have recently had, cancer but there is no evidence to suggest that adapted massage carried out by a specialist massage therapist is harmful to those going through treatment for cancer. 


The consultation is not intrusive. I don’t need you to tell me everything about your diagnosis or treatment, unless you want to. 


This is a very light and nurturing treatment, which can be adapted for your comfort on the day. You may only tolerate a short treatment time or you may wish to remain a little longer on the couch if you are comfortable and relaxed. I will have allowed plenty of time for either.


Benefits of massage to those going through treatment for cancer have been shown to include;

  • Reduced anxiety, mood disturbances and perceived stress levels

  • Improved sleep quality

  • Reduced pain and perception of pain

  • Reduced general and emotional fatigue 

  • Lower heart rate and blood pressure


If you are receiving palliative care, massage therapy can provide some relief of physical and emotional symptoms such as pain, anxiety and depression. 


Part of The Serenity Shed experience is the ‘shed’ itself, however, if you have been receiving oncology massage and are suddenly unable to get to me, I am happy to visit you at home.


The Emma Shaw Foundation

Emma Shaw was a wonderful lady who inspired me to train in oncology massage after seeing her disappointment when I explained that I wasn’t able to treat her as she was undergoing treatment for triple negative breast cancer. 

Emma helped me so much when I was training and was a very willing ‘guinea pig’. I quickly saw the value in being able to offer this specialised treatment and in being able to adapt the massage (sometimes mid treatment) for the best possible experience.  Emma always loved the ‘escape’ that a treatment gave her and I was able to visit her at home and turn her lounge into a treatment room when she was no longer able to get to The Serenity Shed. 

Sadly, in August 2019, Emma lost her fight to this cruel illness.

Emma’s openness, humour and guidance has shaped my oncology massages so much that I have decided to make a donation from every oncology massage to the foundation set up in her name


Emma Shaw Foundation


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